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Weekly Presence in The Borders

We have reps and installers who visit the Scottish Borders every week. This means we can deliver competitive prices, quick turnaround on installation, amazing customer service, and after-sales care to all of our customers in the region.

All of our reps are experienced and highly professional and will simply leave you a detailed quotation for you to consider in your own time.

0% interest-free credit for up to 2 years


uPVC Doors from £695

uPVC doors supplied and fitted from £695

uPVC Windows from £495

uPVC windows supplied & fitted from £495

30% off show home discount

If you allow us to use pictures of your homes new windows and doors for our sales catalogues, website and advertisements, we will offer you a discount of up to 30% off your new windows and doors.

Windows & Doors Scotland

Windows & Doors Scotland offer a wide range of doors and glazing available in styles, colours and designs. Maybe you are looking for  contemporary windows? or more traditional and practical composite door? As one of Scotland’s premium installers for glazing, doors and home improvements we can assist.

We offer the highest quality windows and doors manufactured in Scotland, we have an experienced installation team offering a first class service which is fully guaranteed. We are a family run business of proficient professionals serving customers across Scotland who all vouch for our standards. 

Our team are on hand to supply and fit uPVC windows, uPVC doors, double glazing, triple glazing, composite doors, conservatories, french doors, sunrooms and many other similar products. Each installation is inspected at the end of every job to ensure we maintain our high standards and boost your properties appeal immensely.

Our service is available across all of Scotland including major regions such as The Scottish Borders, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife and Ayrshire.

Windows and Doors we offer

Windows and doors are a significant fixture of your house, and having the highest quality is critical. Choosing windows or doors has a direct impact on the overall layout of the construction, and you wouldn’t want to compromise on that. We can help you install windows and doors that no only function well but look great. You will always have a large range of options to choose from – From materials to colours and design, we have got it all covered.

uPVC Windows

New uPVC windows supplied & fitted across Scotland.

Double & Triple Glazing

Double and triple glazing supplied and fitted across Scotland.


Conservatories and sunrooms installed across Scotland.

French, Bi-Fold & Patio Doors

French, Bi-fold and patio doors installed across Scotland.

uPVC Doors

New uPVC external and internal doors supplied and fitted across Scotland.

Composite Doors

Composite front and back doors supplied and fitted across Scotland.

uPVC Windows

uPVC or Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride, first was invented back in 1935, however it really burst onto the British home improvement scene during the 1970’s and 1980’s. The reason for it’s popularity is it’s a low-maintenance building material which performs far better than painted wood and last much longer. uPVC windows, sills and double glazing frames. Sometimes people refer to uPVC windows and PVC or PVCU windows. 

Double and Triple Glazing

Regardless if you choose our double or triple glazing, you will get unmatched quality, and can choose from a wide assortment of designs and colours. If you are looking for fixed double or triple glazing that will quickly boost the overall impression of your property, Windows and Doors Scotland’s team are on hand to help.

Conservatories & Sunrooms

Thinking about making full use of your garden space with a conservatory or sunroom extension? We have the experience to advise you on which solutions is best for your property. Whether you are looking for a lounge area, a kitchen extension or dining room area or just general extra living space we can help.

French Doors, Patio & Bi-Fold Doors

During the last 10 years or so French doors, patio doors and bi-fold doors have all dramatically increased in demand. We have a wealth of experience installing these types of doorways and can assure you that you will be happy with the outcome.

uPVC Doors - Internal & External

We have a huge range of choice when it comes to uPVC doors. Most people tend to have a specific colour or style in mind and we cater for almost any taste. 

You can see our range for yourself during your initial consultation.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are the number one choice in the UK for external front and back doors. This is no real surprise as they offer far better security for people’s homes than other external door options.

Again, like with uPVC doors, choice is king and we have a wide range for you to choose from.

Supply and Fit

Windows & Doors Scotland are known for ground-breaking home improvement solutions across Scotland.

We can help you with supply and installation of the following window and door products:

  • New uPVC Windows
  • New uPVC Doors
  • New Double Glazing
  • Composite Doors
  • French, Bi-Fold & Patio Doors
  • Conservatories & Sunrooms

Contact us to get a free no obligation quote, we can assure you that we will exceed your expectations!

before double glazing Scotland
Before uPVC window and door installation
after double glazing Scotland
After uPVC window and door installation

Why choose us?

Our services are all suitably insured, and we offer a complete warranty on our products and installation for a minimum of 15 years. Our expert glaziers are well-versed with their trade and have worked with us for many years. We have solid protocols in place for installation, including inspections at he end of every job to ensure we maintain the highest standards.

This provides you with peace of mind that your new window and door installations are being managed by a reputable company.

If you are interested in a free quote for your new doors and windows, please call us on 0800 808 5466You can also fill in the contact form, and we will reach out to you within 48 hours.

"A very professional company, I was impressed from the first phone call, always did what they said they would and provided all the warranties and paperwork for our new windows and doors, even helped us find tradesmen for other home improvement works we require, superb!"
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Thomas Hyslop
Dundee, 5* Google Review

Signs you need to replace your Windows and Doors

It’s likely has been a while since you have had windows and doors installed in your house (if ever), it is always a good idea to check their efficiency every few years. We understand that a home improvement project can sound expensive, time consuming and messy, but with the right partners, you will be able to do it all without breaking the bank or losing any sleep.

Here are some of the signs that suggest that your windows and doors are needing replaced;

Ease of use

If you have started noticing that it is getting difficult to open or close a window or a door, you might want to check it for functionality.


If you find noticeable discoloration, warping, chipping, or cracks in any of your windows or doors, this is your sign that the window or door is at the end of its lifecycle .

Too much noise

Good quality windows and doors keep the noise at bay. Unfortunately, if you can listen to every knock and cry, you need new windows and doors.

Poor insulation / Heat retention

If you have started to notice that your energy bills are running high, despite locking the windows and doors. Improve insulation and retain your homes heat with new uPVC windows and doors.


If it is getting continuously hard to get rid of the stains or you simply cannot reach out to clean them, you can replace your windows with some in-trend easy clean designs.


If you have been keeping on paying for small repairs such as new hinges or some glue here & there, and things go back to what they were in a short period of time, it is time for a complete overhaul.


If you have started noticing the carpets and furniture near your windows fading, it might be because your windows are not able to stop the UV light damaging them.

Double Glazing Installers Scotland

Our team of trusted double glazing installers follow strict guidelines on every job to ensure we maintain the very highest levels of customer service at all times. We do not compromise following these guidelines which makes it easier to manage such a  large team of double glazing installers. Our double glazing experts are well experienced and trained to cater to every installation with their many years of expertise. Our installers take pride in fitting our wide range of design options and materials to suit your requirements.

We are among the highest rated companies in Scotland for supplying and fitting double glazing, windows and doors. Again, this has only been possible with our stringent quality checks. We are here to assist you with all your windows, doors and double glazing needs with all our expertise at your disposal. For double glazing, windows and doors that last a generation, contact Windows and Doors, Scotland today.

New Windows and Doors cost

The cost of window and door products has a reputations for being expensive. It is important that you understand the market price so that you can see real value in any costs delivered. We understand that your windows and doors requirements will all vary, and so can your budget. 

Windows and Doors Scotland have a range of deals and new packages available in order to make your quote as affordable as possible. Feel free to contact us to find out more about the available deals and packages we have running this month.

Although it’s impossible to be specific about cost without knowing your needs, we know our pricing is competitive, and when you take in to account the quality customer service we provide, we would argue our value is as good as anywhere in Scotland.

From the experience that we have quoting and installing across Scotland, we know we are competitive on cost nationwide.

Windows and Doors on finance

If you are looking to replace your windows and doors without compromising on the quality, then it likely won’t be cheap. We have a range of finance options available to you.

If you are having trouble paying the full order all at once, you do not need to worry. You can choose from our affordable monthly finance plans which are very clear and easy to understand.

After all, we appreciate there are circumstances where you cannot wait much longer to replace your homes windows and doors for you and your family.


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