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Composite Doors Scotland

Composite doors can be very stylish whilst maintaining maximum levels of efficiency and security. If you are looking for ideal door options for your home or office, this is it. You are in for a durable and secure choice which will be giving you maximum performance for the decades to come. We at Windows and Doors Scotland, the got the biggest variety of the composite doors in all of Scotland. Our expertise and quality are going to make this the easiest choice.

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What is a composite door?

Composite doors are soaring with popularity. The reason is that each composite door is a testimony of style and strength. Composite doors are made out of an assortment of material including the solid timber core, uPVC, glass-reinforced plastic, and more. The material is chosen based on some specific properties which come together to form the strongest door out there.

Composite doors are different from the uPVC ones and the latter is carved out of one type of material only. The material is the composite door is glued and pressed together under immense pressure and that is what makes these doors composite.

Windows and doors Scotland has got your back with a huge variety of composite doors each complimenting your home and office aesthetics. Each door has got the sturdiest of frames and is made out of the toughest material. Our doors promise enhanced security which is going to help you sleep better.

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External composite doors

If there is one thing that is of utter importance in your external door, it is the strength and security that it offers. Now imagine getting that in a high-on-style package. The cherry on the cake, right?

Windows and Doors Scotland has got your external composite door requirements covered. Our external composite doors are available with high durability, extreme strength, top-notch security, best thermal efficiency, high weather resistance, and low maintenance.

Our external composite doors feature a high compression moulded door skin and is stronger than ever. Each door is stylishly carved to accentuate the overall layout and these doors are hard to ignore. Their doors are capable of resisting high force intrusions to keep you safe and sound. We offer the replacement and repair services for your composite doors.

Internal composite doors

You cannot compromise on the internal doors as they are going to have a long-lasting effect on the interior appeal. Interior composite doors are high strength doors that are designed to keep the style integrity intact with a firm frame to extend the durability.

Our interior composite doors have no risk of rot and are highly long-lasting as compared to the traditional wooden doors. With the insulating capacity, these sure can help you minimize the energy bill. Our interior composite doors are available in a whole range of styles and colors and you can choose one to compliment your interiors.

You can choose something that looks considerably classy or something that provides you a modern stamp, we have got it all covered. You can customize the glass within the door too. All-in-all our composite interior doors are a way to go.

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Benefits of composite doors.

Composite doors are raving and rightly so. Not only does this replace the old designs with the trendy ones, but the composite door can make sure that you do not need to worry about the replacements for a couple of decades at least. Here is why a composite door is one of the best decisions that you are going to make.


Every time you install a composite door, you are accelerating the style quotient tremendously. These doors are available in full range design and amazing glass patterns to improve the overall look of your home or office


With the tough material choice, these doors come with insulating foam and a sturdy out frame. These doors can resist high force and are going to last you for years to come. These doors offer unmatched security so that you sleep peacefully.

No Maintenance

You do not need to worry about a costly maintenance process as these composite doors will not fade, crack or warp, so you won’t be repainting them. Just wipe them off and they will shine as new.


uPVC windows the best in class insulation. You can choose between double glazed and triple glazed windows and go top-notch in the insulation domain. These windows will keep your rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer and voila! Before you know it, your energy bill just dropped for good.


Enjoy a peaceful home as these doors filter out the noise while you enjoy the quiet.

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