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We at Windows and doors Scotland, understand that doors are vital to any property, be it a residential or a commercial one and it is equally paramount that each door you install has to be a proper amalgamation of quality and utility. Windows and Door Scotland is at your service with high-quality uPVC doors. Every door that you choose is going to instantly upgrade the aura of your homes and offices. From very simple to ornate, from the economical to lavish, from any style to any finish, we have got your door needs covered.

uPVC front doors

If you are looking for the best in class uPVC front doors, Windows and Doors Scotland is your best bet. Our uPVC front doors are equipped with high quality perfectly welded mitred corners as well as the mid-rails. Each door comes with a leaf steel-reinforced frame and will offer you amazing insulation. The frame is reinforced with the center panel which is going to make the door stand strong against any assault.

Our uPVC front doors come are highly durable and we are here to vouch for its lifelong performance. The resilient composition and charming sigh lines make this door an all-in-all combination of quality in style. Our uPVC front doors come with an internal glazing bead that powers the maximum intruder resistance so that you sleep safely.

uPVC back doors

You cannot compromise on backdoor safety. With backdoor intrusion being a common concern, we are here to help you discard your worries with our stronger than ever uPVC backdoors. Our doors are laced with reinforced panels, strong uPVC frames, a multipoint locking system to keep your property safe. We along with our professionals guarantee a durable uPVC backdoor, properly installed with a guarantee that every door you install with us is going to maintain the security and strength throughout the lifecycle.

You can choose your uPVC backdoor from the wide range of frame colors, the hardware color and patterns available with us at Windows and Doors Scotland. Our doors offer unmatched insulation and you will be reducing energy costs considerably with these.

uPVC internal doors

The appeal for any UPVC door is in quality as well as style. When the door is to be installed, it is a lot of pressure owing to the fact the door should enhance the aesthetics and not look out of place. So, you will be looking for an amalgamation of simplicity and decoration to make the interiors look more appealing.

Our uPVC internal doors have got all of this in addition to the strong frame and panel design with additional glazed glass if you are interested. Our internal doors demand no maintenance and painting, install one and it is good to go for a very long time. You can choose among our wide variety of colors and designs to match your interiors. Our internal doors are going to fetch you some compliments for sure.

uPVC French doors

French doors are architecturally approved for being the classiest and one of the stylish options. Replacing the old wooden frame and those classic designs, the new uPVC French doors are the epitome of elegance, all credit to the huge variety of available colors and finishes. Each French door opens up the possibility of a superior view and even better lighting.

Our uPVC French doors can offer you a stylish exit from your home to the pool or the garden and all of it with class and quality intact. Our French doors come in sturdiest of frames and they will serve as your passage for a well-lit space. Our frame hinges are designed to open both inwards and outwards. We at Windows and Doors offer a guarantee on the quality and installation of your next French door.


Scotland's Best uPVC Doors


Replacing your doors with UPVC

Stay on top of little details by keeping a check on your doors for their durability and lifecycle. It is pretty common to forget about the aftermath once a door is installed and before you know it the frame becomes hard enough to carry on its basic functionality. You need to know the timing of a door replacement or a repair. Here are some signs that scream a door change.

  • Your door is getting stuck and you are not able to open or close it smoothly.
  • There is visible cracking, peeling, warping or small hinges or panels falling apart.
  • You can feel the air wheezing in there are considerable chilly drafts.
  • Your door is going too retro or is outdated according to the style perspective of the space
  • The door has undergone significant damage after an act of vandalism or a natural fury
  • You can notice termite damage
  • You can notice rust and corrosion corrupting the frame.
  • It is becoming a security liability.

Reasons to install uPVC doors

uPVC doors are gaining next level popularity because each door is an investment. Every time you install a new uPVC door, you are looking at years and years of secured utility. If you need a push to convince you for a new uPVC installation, here are many;

  • uPVC doors are extremely durable
  • They are maintenance-free
  • These doors are weatherproof
  • uPVC doors provide a higher level of insulation
  • The installation of a uPVC door is easy and won’t take a lot of time
  • These doors are energy efficient as they help to keep the space warm in winter and cooler in summers.
  • uPVC doors buckle up the security of your home or office

uPVC door repairs Scotland

There is always a window between replacement and repair. If your uPVC door as sustained any kind of damage from some force or weather, you can call for repairs before the damage worsens and you have no option but to replace. If you have noticed any damage to the door, feel free to contact us. We at Windows and Doors Scotland, take each repair seriously and our experts will help you mend the damage in almost no time.

uPVC doors cost in Scotland

Windows and doors Scotland offer services including installation and repair of uPVC doors and windows. Our services are cost-friendly, and the quality is unmatched. Our huge customer base is proof of our in-depth expertise. We serve within a reasonable budget.

Free uPVC door quotes

If you are in the middle of a new construction or you already own space, contact us for your windows and doors requirement. Our professionals will assist you with a free quote to cater to all your needs. Contact us today.


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